Downgrading iOS 6 ‘The Right Way’

Jan 28, 13 Downgrading iOS 6 ‘The Right Way’

Having an iPod touch is one thing but upgrading the firmware to a more recent one like from iOS 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 is a quite challenging task, especially when you are trying to upgrade the iPod manually using an IPSW file. Although, you can update the iPod using iTunes, still some people (especially jailbreakers) prefer jailbreaking the iDevice to unleash all the features and to push their media device to the limits. But recent blogs indicate that a common error is faced by most of the iPod Touch 4 users, which is summarized by iTunes as, “the device ‘iPod’ isn’t compatible with the requested build”. Well, this article is dedicated to solving this particular problem and some side options will also be included in it so, read on!

The reason behind the iTunes error message:

There can be two reasons behind the frequently reported iTunes error message namely:

  1. Either the iTunes software isn’t up-to-date
  2. Or you have downloaded an older version of the IPSW file that is not supported by Apple as they have uploaded a newer version (iOS 5.1.1), which is no longer recognized during the iTunes device verification from Apple.

Downgrading iOS 6

How to fix it:

Depending on your computer skills, you can choose the take the following avenues for fixing this problem.

  1. Go to the host file located in in the ‘etc’ section under the ‘Go to Folder’ options in Mac OSX 10.6 and type ‘/private’ (10.5 and lower users should type in ‘private’). Look for the ‘hosts’ file and try updating the last line that should look like this ‘’ and update it by adding the ‘#’ at the start and press Tab. Remember that you need to copy the ‘hosts’ file from the ‘etc’ folder and paste it on the desktop to apply changes and then copy it back again. The system will require the password to authenticate this action (this the standard password on your mac).
  2. The second option is to let a program do the trick. For this purpose, you need to look for softwares like ‘TinyUmbrella’ to automatically update the host files on the computer. Be sure that you uncheck the ‘set host to Cydia’ option before you close the program.

Kick back in action:

Now, all you need to do is to select the Restore option by pressing ‘ALT’ key on your mac. Select the IPSW file and wait. iTunes will upgrade the file on your iPod Touch 4 and then you can proceed for jailbreaking it.

Using apps like WhatsApp:

Some people have shown some serious concerns while updating to the iOS 5.1 and that they are unable to utilize the WhatsApp application on their upgraded iTouch. Personally, I have not upgraded my iTouch 4 to the new iOS. I’m using the stock iOS version (i.e. iOS 4.3.3).

What’s App does give the error ‘this device is no longer compatible’ and there exists a fix to it. All you need to do is download the ‘WhatsPad’ software in Cydia (search options) and restart the problem causing WhatsApp application. It will work like magic!

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